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Shot activist's family inquiry call
Thomas Hurndall before being injured
Mr Hurndall was shot at near an army checkpoint
The parents of a UK peace campaigner who was shot by Israeli troops in the Gaza strip have called for an inquiry into the incident.

Tom Hurndall, who lives in Manchester, was hit while trying to protect women and children, according to his campaign group, the International Solidarity Movement (ISM).

The 22-year-old, originally from Tufnell Park, London, was working with the group in the town of Rafah when he was apparently shot by a sniper.

His condition was said to have improved on Monday night, but if he survives it is likely he will have suffered brain damage.

There doesn't feel like there's much to hope for at the moment
Sophie Hurndall
Mr Hurndall's mother, Jocelyn, met one of the children who witnesses said he was trying to save them from Israeli gun fire.

His parents said they are proud of his actions, even though they may have cost him his life.

"Tom was first and foremost a humanitarian...he had come out here to help and that was Tom and I can just imagine him reaching out for the children," said Mrs Hurndall.

"He's got a younger brother, Freddie, and he was always very kind and very protective of Freddie and it would have been so natural for Tom just to reach out for those two children and to see them to safety."

Tom's sister, Sophie, who has been left at home in England, said: "He's been shot right in the centre of his head. I believe the bullet just got straight through.

"If he survives there is obviously going to be a lot of brain damage so it feels like everyone keeps saying there's still hope but there doesn't feel like there's much to hope for at the moment. I just wish he was OK."

Tom Wallace, of the ISM, said Mr Hurndall was shot at a checkpoint after gunfire had prompted his group of nine activists to abandon their protest.

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