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Last Updated: Friday, 23 May, 2003, 09:34 GMT 10:34 UK
Duck not ruffled by Tube
Duck nesting under live Tube rail
The duck is nesting under a live Tube rail
A Tube line in north London has become the unlikely nesting spot for a duck.

London Underground (LU) employees discovered the duck and eight eggs under a live rail of a siding at Neasden railway depot.

Traffic across the rail was immediately stopped even though the duck appeared "quite happy".

The RSPCA was called but is illegal to move the eggs, so the siding will remain closed until they hatch in the next fortnight.

'Ducklings in danger'

A spokeswoman for LU said: "Hopefully they will catch them just as they hatch and take them away to somewhere safer."

The duck is thought to have bedded down on a soft rag about two weeks ago.

Camera Shand, a Metronet points technician, said: "I have no idea why a duck would build its nest under a live rail, we were amazed when we found her.

"The worry is that the ducklings will hatch and be in danger as they scurry around the yard.

"We hope to get them moved to a new home as soon as possible."

Duck cull ruffles feathers
01 Mar 03  |  UK

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