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CCTV simulated-sex pair sentenced


Video of Gary Jarman caught on one of the CCTV cameras

A couple who were caught on CCTV cameras simulating sex to torment their neighbours have both been given two-year restraining orders.

Gary Jarman, 41, and Sandra French, 50, of Bull Drove in Wrangle, Lincolnshire, also verbally abused their neighbours during a three-year campaign.

They were convicted of causing harassment without violence last month.

The couple were also ordered to pay 250 each in costs during sentencing at Boston Magistrates' Court.

'Bizarre behaviour'

The court had heard that Jarman verbally abused his neighbours while the pair also pretended to have sex in their car in view of CCTV cameras set up to record their antics.

The couple, who are both unemployed, were told they could not contact the four neighbours they harassed.

Gary Jarman, 41, and Sandra French, 50 outside court
The court heard Sandra French wrote "pervert" on her jumper

Deputy District Judge Alan Fowler said the CCTV cameras, which had been pointed into the couple's back garden by the four neighbours, did invade their privacy but they were entitled to do this by law as they were detecting a crime.

He said: "The response of Mr Jarman and Miss French to the cameras was entirely unnecessary and bizarre in the extreme, with Miss French holding up her jumper and walking up and down with a sign saying 'pervert' on it.

"Behaving in the way they did was very odd."

He added: "What happened, from what I saw on the CCTV and I heard in evidence, was that the behaviour of Miss French and Mr Jarman, which they cannot deny because there is visible evidence, was bizarre behaviour which amounted to harassment."

Jarman was also ordered to do 40 hours unpaid community service and French will have to be supervised by probation officers for six months.

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