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Average speed check area planned

An accident blackspot could be the first road in Lincolnshire to have average speed cameras.

The county's Road Safety Partnership is to bid for about 500,000 of funding to put the system on a five-mile stretch of the A52 at Ropsley, near Grantham.

The system measures speed over a set distance rather than in one point like conventional speed cameras.

The partnership rejected suggestions it was only out to make money, saying the system would be designed to save lives.

The fewer people who speed, the fewer fines we get but that is the whole idea
Steve Batchelor, Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership
Steve Batchelor from the safety partnership emphasised that a number of measures have already been tried on the road.

"We have used mobile speed cameras," he said.

"And while they can be very effective in certain situations the problem there is they are not there all the time by their very nature, so you don't see a consistent reduction in speeds because sometimes when the vehicle is not there people will then continue speeding.

"We have also tried different engineering measures, there has been quite a lot done over the past five to ten years and we are at a point now where we say 'Is this going to be the most effective way?'".

But he denied the system would be a money maker.

"In a way we want to put ourselves out of business, the fewer people who speed, the fewer fines we get but that is the whole idea."

The bid is expected to be submitted to the Department for Transport in the next few weeks.

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