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Drive to cut motorcyclist deaths

Police are beginning a scheme to help cut the number of motorcyclist deaths on Lincolnshire's road every year.

Operations Stealth and Evidens are aimed at motorcyclists who speed, ride recklessly and behave in an anti-social way on the county's roads.

Police have identified 12 roads where there are problems with speeding bikers and will use mobile camera units to catch them in the act.

Stealth will focus on bikers' events to talk to riders about road dangers.

Both operations will run throughout the biking season, from April to October.

'Dangerous idiots'

Extra police officers will patrol the roads in marked and unmarked vehicles to enforce the speed limits.

Officers will also be going to major bike events across the county to pass on the message that Lincolnshire has a zero tolerance approach to reckless riders.

Ch Insp Mark Housley said: "I make no apologies to the motorcycle community and firmly believe those who ride responsibly appreciate what we are trying to achieve, which is to stop people dying on our roads, while those who object, tend to be the worst offenders.

"Last year was a dreadful year for motorcycle fatalities in Lincolnshire with 21 bikers or pillion passengers killed.

"This equates to 27% of all road casualties on the county's roads for the year which, when you consider that motorcyclists make up only 2% of road users, is an alarmingly disproportionate figure."

Head of casualty reduction, Insp Andy McManus, added: "This is only for the idiots who make it dangerous for the rest of us, those are the people we're trying to catch."

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