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Cathedral auctions Da Vinci props
Prop from the film
The film props will be sold through sealed bids
Paintings and statues used in The Da Vinci Code movie are being auctioned to raise money for Lincoln Cathedral.

The building was transformed into Westminster Abbey for the 2005 film after authorities in London refused to take part.

The items, which include 43 wall hangings based on abbey frescos, have been part of an exhibition at Lincoln since the film crews left.

The sale, which ends on 31 March, will be conducted through sealed bids.

It is believed Lincoln Cathedral was paid about 100,000 to host the film crew.

The monuments are polystyrene so of course they are very light when you pick them up
Sally Crawford, Lincoln Cathedral fundraising officer

Sally Crawford, fundraising officer at the cathedral, said she had no idea how much the sale would raise.

"Not everybody has a great big stately home for the wall hangings but the great thing about them is that you can take the nice bits and frame them as a picture," she said.

"If you walk into the Chapter House they (the wall hangings) really look like part of the wall as they are such good comparisons to the frescos of that period.

"The monuments are polystyrene so of course they are very light when you pick them up."

The monuments are based on tombs found in Westminster Abbey.

The 8ft (2.7m) hangings are painted on heavy cloth and mounted on wooden batons.

In the summer of 2007 it reprised its role as the abbey for the film The Young Victoria.

Some of the items in the auction

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