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Last Updated: Tuesday, 29 January 2008, 13:21 GMT
Police clampdown on hare-coursing
Man hare-coursing
A man caught hare-coursing in Lincolnshire
Lincolnshire Police have begun a new campaign to tackle hare-coursing.

Officers aim to respond quickly to calls from worried farmers so that they can catch offenders in the act.

Insp Chris Dring said people from places as far away as Cumbria and County Durham visited Lincolnshire to go hare-coursing.

"Those who come for this purpose are aware that their actions are criminal. We'll have extra patrols so we're more likely to catch them," he said.

Locals threatened

Hare-coursing is illegal under the Poaching Prevention Act 1862 and Hunting Act 2004.

Insp Dring added: "They are far from being poor poachers looking for a hare for the dinner table.

"Large amounts of money change hands in betting and we have had local people who challenge them threatened with violence. This will not be tolerated.

"They also cause substantial damage to the land when they drive across it.

"We will arrest those suspected of hare-coursing at every given opportunity and confiscate their vehicles."

Mark Talton, of the National Farmers' Union in Sleaford, said he supported the police's work.

"Harecoursers cause a great deal of distress to members of the farming community. We have had several cases this year of serious damage being done to newly sown crops."

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