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Star Wars remade in garage studio
Scene from Backyard's Star Wars
The film recreates classic scenes with a humorous twist
It began in a galaxy far, far away but now the famous Star Wars films have arrived at a small garage in Lincoln.

Backyard Productions have been making their own versions of the popular films - and other blockbusters - with budgets that are far from astronomical.

Using household objects as scenery, toys as props and special effects from a PC, the team produces authentic looking films for about 3,000.

They said the films were made for fun but also raised money for charity.

Co-founder Darren Scales described what they had used to recreate the opening scene of Star Wars.

"We have got bubble wrap on the ceiling, we've got bottle tops and yoghurt pots on the walls along with tubes from the centre of rolls of carpets.

Darren Scales of Backyard Productions
There is no way we could have done this 10 years ago
Darren Scales, Backyard Productions
He added: "The blasters are water pistols, we just stuck a few bits of lids on, add a bit of spray paint and then you have a blaster.

"You take a hard hat, put an Imperial sticker on it and suddenly its an Imperial work helmet for someone building the Death Star - it's not rocket science.

"It's the same with the light sabres. Up close they look awful but you put a stick in it, you hold it and on screen you can't tell the difference."

No matter how ingenious the props, Mr Scales admits the big difference has come with software available on home computers.

"There is no way we could have done this 10 years ago. We were making film 10 years ago but we have so much more freedom because of the technology, we can now do so much more.

"It's strange to think that 30 years on from the original Star Wars we are now doing the same thing out in converted garages."

The firm has made two Star Wars spoofs but also has visited Indiana Jones, Jurassic Park and Batman.

How Star Wars has been re-created in a garage

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