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Last Updated: Thursday, 1 March 2007, 09:29 GMT
School 'most improved in England'
A Lincolnshire school has been named as the most improved in England.

Test results for 14-year-olds in English, maths and science at Lafford High, Billinghay, went up more than any other school between 2003 and 2006.

This is despite the school recently coming bottom of the GCSE league table in the county.

The school said the improvement was down to a partnership with a college which gave Lafford High access to specialist staff and support.

The teaching at the Lafford has improved tremendously over the last three years
Executive head Paul Watson

Executive head Paul Watson said the secret of the school's success in the key stage 3 tables was co-operation with St George's College of Technology, Sleaford.

This allowed the school to attract a high calibre of teaching staff.

"The teaching at the Lafford has improved tremendously over the last three years and the effects on the students are now coming through," said Mr Watson.

"The staff are very dedicated and have worked hard for the students. We look forward to seeing key stage 4 results improve also."

He added: "Schools working together for the students are the future and I look forward to the day when results are published by area rather than individual schools."

Assistant principal Ruth Kelly said the partnership gave stability and guidance to the school which had a high percentage of pupils with special needs.

'Difficult time'

Meanwhile, Big Wood School in Warren Hill, Nottinghamshire, has become the fourth most improved in the country.

Head Bernadette Groves said the school had been through a difficult time.

"I became the head in April 2003 and through working together - staff, pupils and parents - we decided that we were going to make Big Wood the best it could be.

"We've all rolled up our sleeves and got on with the job."

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