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Last Updated: Wednesday, 11 July 2007, 09:51 GMT 10:51 UK
Park and ride scheme moves closer
Lincoln could have a park and ride scheme in "three to four years", according to highways officials.

Officers from the county council have visited Chelmsford and York to see how similar sized cities deal with traffic and manage their park and rides.

They now say they have a firm idea of how to successfully set up the scheme.

Although plans are at an early stage, the council said a park and ride was needed to maintain the city as a good place to work, visit and live in.

Paul Coathup from Lincolnshire County Council said: "We have learnt we have got to get the right park and ride for Lincoln, it's certainly not a case of one size fits all.

"You also need to select a site and make it successful. That means you have to put in place something that people will use and see the benefits of and expand it - rather than make it too big too quickly and risk it not working."

Officials emphasised the plans were at an early stage and meetings with interested parties and government bodies would be used to draw up a list of preferred designs and locations.

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