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Novice explorer to wait for team
Mike and Fiona Thornewill
The team is recreating Shackleton's unfinished journey
The mother of a novice explorer who had to stop a planned South Pole trek due to illness has said her daughter is not flying home yet.

Jenny Silkstone, 30, of West Bridgford near Nottingham, fell ill with food poisoning just prior Christmas.

Janet Silkstone said her daughter, who was "devastated" after spending 18 months training and fund-raising, will wait in Chile for the team to return.

The remaining five members are still on their way to the South Pole.

Shackleton's centenary

"She decided to stay out there as she couldn't get a flight back here for Christmas," Mrs Silkstone said.

The trek is being led by Nottinghamshire policeman Mike Thornewill and his wife Fiona, who are both experienced polar explorers.

"Jenny was really devastated - she might try again next year. She was so close to Patriot Hills (where the trek started) - so not being able to go was terrible," her mother said.

Mr Thornewill and Ms Silkstone both fell ill with food poisoning in Punto Arenas, Chile, last week.

The 112-mile trek is marking the centenary of Sir Ernest Shackleton's expedition to the South Pole.

They are walking from the point where Shackleton was forced to turn back.

The Thornewills were the first married couple to reach the South Pole in 2000.

In 1907, Shackleton mounted the first significant attempt to walk to the South Pole.

Together with companions Adams, Marshall and Wilde, he reached the furthest point south ever achieved.

However, with food running short, Shackleton had to abandon the trek.

The couple were packing their supplies for the trek

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