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Last Updated: Monday, 13 November 2006, 15:52 GMT
Islamic slur 'humiliated' manager
A company boss insulted a manager over her decision to convert to Islam, an industrial tribunal has heard.

Caroline Elgedawy was allegedly humiliated in front of other directors from Lincoln-based property firm Hanover Park Commercial.

The tribunal heard that chief executive Andy Halstead became abusive over her decision to eat only halal meat.

Mr Halstead told the Nottingham tribunal he did not make the comments at a company Christmas party.

Mrs Elgedawy, 32, who earned 52,000-a-year as head of business information and strategy at the firm, converted to Islam after marrying her Egyptian husband Reda, the tribunal heard.

Abusive outburst

Sitting with managers at the directors' table, Mr Halstead is alleged to have become abusive in describing her eating Halal meat as "pathetic".

He is then alleged to have said that fewer British Muslims were needed not more.

"I was totally disgusted by his behaviour. He had completely humiliated me," Mrs Elgedawy told the hearing.

She told the tribunal she felt bullied by colleagues after she made an official complaint.

She claimed bonuses due to her were not paid in full and the use of a company pool car was withdrawn.

Mrs Elgedawy claimed her salary was cut back to 40,000 when she told bosses she would no longer be able to work the unpaid overtime she had previously.

The company denies the allegations.

The hearing continues.

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