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Simulator bells are dead ringers
church bells
The simulator can reproduce the sound of any bell
A bell-ringing group is using an interactive system to train people without using real bells.

Lincoln Diocesan Guild of Church Bell Ringers hopes the training will attract more would-be campanologists.

The portable interactive display is being purchased using a 8,600 Big Lottery Fund grant.

Ringing master Sue Faull from Willingham by Stow Church said the system allowed novices to simulate the ringing of a bell.

Sensor trigger

Mrs Faull said the "simulator bells" - actually small weights - are placed on the end of a rope and wound around a wheel in a portable tower.

"It is like learning to drive a car - it is a physical skill that lets you control the bell - which can be quite a dangerous weapon.

"A sensor is attached to the bell so every time a rope goes past a certain point the sensor tells the computer to make a certain sound like a bell.

"You could ring a bell that sounds like you are ringing at St Paul's Cathedral."

The group intends to take the simulated bells around schools, churches and other local venues so that people can try their hand at ringing.

"The art of bell-ringing is in decline and will die out unless we can get some new recruits," Mrs Faull added.

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