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Last Updated: Tuesday, 3 October 2006, 15:56 GMT 16:56 UK
Villagers angry at bridge delay
Traffic at the level crossing in Tallington
The barriers can be down for 46 minutes an hour
Villagers waiting for more than 50 years for a bridge over the East Coast Mainline say they have had enough.

At peak times the number of trains using the track means crossing barriers at Tallington in Lincolnshire can be down for 46 minutes in every hour.

Cars travelling to and from Stamford sometimes queue 30 deep.

Building a bridge would cost up to 19m. Lincolnshire County Council said it wanted to help, but it needed to address congestion across the county.

Campaigners said they feared the problem would get worse if nothing was done to rectify it.

Government annulment

"We got an official notification in Tallington in 1954 from the then Ministry of Transport that there would be a by-pass," said David Allen, one of the campaigners.

"But that was then annulled by the present government in 1997 and we've been fighting since then to have it reinstated as an official project."

"We all understand that East Coast Main Line and one of the main A-Roads in Lincolnshire aren't a good mix," Brian Thompson of Lincolnshire County Council said.

"Therefore if we had the 19m, I'm sure it would be seen as something worth doing, but is that against congestion constantly in Lincoln, Grantham, Boston and elsewhere in the East Midlands? That's what it's up against."

See the traffic chaos

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