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Last Updated: Friday, 18 August 2006, 07:29 GMT 08:29 UK
Five students injured in tornado
Tornado in Thurlby (photo courtesy of Marguerite Cullen)
The tornado touched down near Thurlby
Five students have been injured after a tornado lifted a portable building into the air in south Lincolnshire.

Archaeologists and archaeology students were working inside a sand and gravel pit at Baston, near the Cambridgeshire border, on Thursday, when it hit.

Four people were taken to Peterborough Hospital in Cambridgeshire with minor injuries, after the building was lifted up by high winds and dragged 70 feet.

Thunderstorms also left 6,000 homes without power across Lincolnshire.

Eyewitness Marguerite Cullen, who lives in Thurlby, said: "I was sitting in the house watching a thunderstorm when it developed a funnel."

"This time last year there was also a severe tornado in the area," she said.

"This one was quite enormous and a lot closer than last year's - I could see the cloud rotating in the tunnel."

She said even though the tornado was "snakey and small" it was clearly touching the ground.

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