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Slow drivers 'up road death toll'
Keith Peat
Keith Peat says motorists should be aware of following vehicles
Motorists who drive too slowly could be contributing to the high toll of road deaths in Lincolnshire, an ex-police driver has claimed.

Keith Peat, of the Association of British Drivers, said slow drivers can force other motorists into making sometimes fatal overtaking manoeuvres.

Mr Peat has written to police to advise them of his theory.

The county's road co-ordinator Greville Burgess has insisted it is speeding motorists who cause deaths.

'Give way'

Mr Peat, a former advanced police driver, said: "What they should endeavour to do is drive at the speed appropriate to the conditions, if they're unable to do that, we're not asking them to speed up, we're asking them to give way to following vehicles.

"They must be aware of the tail of vehicles behind them and by ignoring that, they're actually driving without due care and attention.

"The premise is simple, reduce the need to overtake, and it follows there would be less overtaking accidents. It's as simple as that."

However, Mr Burgess, former head of the Lincolnshire Police Crash Investigation Unit, said: "Whilst I support the theory that drivers should drive to the speed limit, when conditions and traffic allow, there is absolutely no evidence, whatsoever, to suggest that slow drivers are the cause of fatals.

"I'm not aware of any pedestrian, cyclist or car driver dying as a result of a motorist driving too slowly.

"But we are fully aware of the deaths caused by motorists driving at excessive speeds."

The latest figures from the Lincolnshire Road Safety Partnership show 34 people have been killed on the county's roads this year.

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