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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 June 2006, 08:21 GMT 09:21 UK
Hi-tech registration for pupils
A Lincolnshire school is using state-of -the-art technology to replace traditional registration.

An electronic device which reads pupils' fingerprints replaces the conventional method of a form teacher calling their names out in class.

Students at the King's School in Grantham will log on to machines which check their identities as they arrive.

Headteacher Steven Howarth said the fingerprint method will save teachers up to a quarter of an hour each day.

"We're not in an age now where it's really appropriate that teachers should sit in front of the class and call out the names on the rota," he said.

"We want to move along much more quickly than that and we want to free the teachers up to spend time to do the things that they ought to be doing, which is the pastoral work, checking up on their academic progress and that kind of thing."

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