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Prison riot hero given top award
A prison officer who rescued a colleague who was being attacked by rioting inmates in Lincoln Prison has won a Queen's Commendation for Bravery.

Nick Scott, 36, managed to haul his seriously injured colleague from a cell full of masked prisoners during the riot in October 2002.

One inmate died from an overdose during the disturbance while 35 people needed hospital treatment.

In total, 21 inmates received sentences for prison mutiny and other charges.

They were jailed for a total of 97 years after trials in 2004.

I was doing my job and I would do it again tomorrow and I would expect anyone else to do the same
Neil Scott, guard

Mr Scott said: "I heard a noise but didn't really know whether it was him or a prisoner.

"I saw that he had blood pouring from his head, laying on the floor with a number of masked inmates around him, all wearing balaclavas and carrying some sort of weaponry, such as a bed leg or a table leg.

"I shouted to another officer to hit the general alarm bell.

"When I entered the cell to try and get to Dave (the injured officer) I was forced back and a fight ensued.

"It was an instinctive thing, I don't know whether it was the training we'd been given or not, but it was very much a reaction thing that I did, the adrenaline rush was quite phenomenal really."

Prisoners released fellow inmates, but those who did not want to become involved were also attacked.

Fires and explosions took place, barricades were put up and the pharmacy was looted.

Food row

The riot was partly caused by anger over the loss of hot meals from the jail canteen's lunchtime menu.

Mr Scott said: "A lot of people went through an horrific time that night, officers and inmates, hopefully we can draw a line under it.

"I was doing my job and I would do it again tomorrow and I would expect anyone else to do the same."

He had some time off work after the riot but both he and his colleague still work at the jail.

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