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Last Updated: Monday, 20 March 2006, 21:06 GMT
Pleasure cruiser to be restored
The Mary Gordon
The Mary Gordon needs some tender, loving care
The oldest electric-powered river boat in the UK could be restored to its former glory after being awarded 23,600 from a national fund.

The Heritage Lottery Fund grant means a series of planning and consultation programmes to restore the Mary Gordon can go ahead.

The vessel, built in 1898, is currently on dry land in the grounds of the Pyewipe Inn, Lincoln.

In her heyday, the Mary Gordon could carry 75 adults on pleasure cruises.

Peter Harrold, Chairman of the Mary Gordon Trustees, said: "It is a major step towards securing funding for the restoration of the boat to full working order.

"I am confident that the Mary Gordon will once again be sailing on Brayford Pool.

"However there remains much work to do before that vision is achieved."

Restoration project

Amanda Turner from the Heritage lottery Fund said: "The Mary Gordon is an important part of our heritage.

"Detailed planning is vital for any successful restoration project and we are delighted to be able to support them at this important time."

The boat, which was fitted with an electric motor when it was first built over a hundred years ago, will eventually be moored at the Sea Cadets' Headquarters on Brayford Pool in Lincoln.

When work is completed groups and organisations will be able to visit the boat to learn about Lincoln's waterways during its industrial development.

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