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Last Updated: Wednesday, 7 December 2005, 20:57 GMT
Police warning on car plate theft
Criminals are targeting an increasing number of cars across Lincolnshire and stealing their number plates.

Lincolnshire police said the recent rise in thefts may be due to strict new laws surrounding the purchasing of number plates.

The plates could be used on cars involved in serious crimes so police are urging people to report any theft.

Legislation requires all number plate suppliers in England and Wales to register their details with the DVLA.

Badge thefts

Police have also noted an increase in car badge thefts recently with eight stolen in Spalding in one weekend.

The stolen badges are usually kept as trophies or traded by youths and officers say those involved could be faced with charges of theft and criminal damage.

Dick Holmes of Lincolnshire Police said: "There could be an element of under-reporting of this because some people might just think it's children messing about. What they should do is report it straightaway."

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