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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 April, 2005, 17:15 GMT 18:15 UK
Lambs live to spring another day
Mint and Sauce
A Boston slaughterman refused to kill the lambs
Two lambs born inside an abattoir have been saved.

The lambs, named Mint and Sauce, were born to a sheep bought at Newark market and taken to an abattoir in Boston, run by slaughterman David Wright.

He refused to kill them, defying post foot-and-mouth Defra regulations calling for animals to be killed 48 hours after entering an abattoir.

On Wednesday special permission was given for the lambs to be removed to an unnamed "safe location".

Disease protection

Mr Wright said: "We are in the meat business and these animals are not meat. They are healthy and happy - it would be a waste of life to kill them.

"We have just been informed by Defra that the lambs can be moved away to a safe location."

His wife, Pam, said: "We are absolutely delighted. There has been a tremendous amount of support - we have hardly been off the phone - and I'm sure that has played a part."

Defra has issued a statement saying it is very concerned at the actions of the slaughterhouse and will be reviewing the actions of the owners.

But it said the animals will be moved elsewhere into isolation to ensure there is protection from the potential spread of disease.

Abattoir refuses to silence lambs
26 Apr 05 |  Lincolnshire

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