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Last Updated: Thursday, 10 November 2005, 14:22 GMT
Hunt vows to use eagles to kill
A Lincolnshire hunt has vowed to carry on using a bird of prey in their pursuit of hunting despite opposition from animal welfare groups.

Using dogs to flush wild mammals for a bird of prey is an exemption set out in the Hunting Act of 2004.

The Blankney Hunt started using an eagle since the act came into force.

The move has drawn criticism from Animal welfare groups who believe the use of an eagle is an attempt to side-step the hunting ban.

Dr Jane Evans, from the League Against Cruel Sports, said: "I think it shows people are rather sick.

"The bill was written to be reasonable for falconers. It wasn't to facilitate hunting and chasing foxes... in the presence of a falcon."

However, the hunt says there is a steady resolve within the hunting community to carry on with their sport.

Margaret Morris, joint master of the hunt, said: "It (the eagle) has not been used before the new legislation.

"But it's in the law now, stating we are allowed to flush to a bird of prey and it's sometimes what we do."


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