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Last Updated: Friday, 28 October 2005, 14:37 GMT 15:37 UK
County sausage campaign rolls on
A campaign to protect the status of the Lincolnshire sausage against those who make the food outside the county is seeking EU backing.

A House of Commons motion has been tabled, calling on Europe to confer the status of "protected geographical indication" on the delicacy.

The move, if successful, would prevent the name "Lincolnshire sausage" being used for sausages made elsewhere.

Gainsborough MP Edward Leigh tabled the motion in Parliament.

He praised the sausage as "a valuable part of British culinary culture".

Graham Booth, a sausage-maker from Spalding, said: "We want to protect the product.

"There have been impostor products in other parts of the country which are cheaper and inferior, and not so nice.

"We have been disappointed with the quality and variability of Lincolnshire sausages from manufacturers outside the region.

"Consumers are left with a poor imitation that is far from the original high-quality pork sausage flavoured with sage."

The application to Europe requires documented historical evidence to demonstrate an incontrovertible link between the county and the sausage.

"We have found two historical references dating back 100 years, but we need more to strengthen our application," Mr Booth said.

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