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Last Updated: Sunday, 11 September 2005, 15:09 GMT 16:09 UK
Haulier develops prototype lorry
Eco-Link lorry
The lorry measures 83ft compared to the standard 54ft
A lorry, almost 50% longer than a standard heavy goods vehicle is being trialled in Lincolnshire.

Denby Transport in Lincoln is applying for a new licence from the Department of Transport to use the lorry, which measures 83 feet, on a public highway.

Developers claim it will mean less pollution and congestion as it carries more goods than an ordinary HGV.

Officials at the firm said the Eco Link will produce 15% less pollution than using a standard 54 feet long truck.

Motorists sceptical

Dick Denby from the firm said: "What's unique about this vehicle above all the others is the power steer axels in the middle.

"It can go around any corner that a much shorter vehicle can negotiate."

There are a number of similar prototypes being drawn up by haulers.

Transport companies say British haulers stand to miss out to competition from Europe unless a larger lorry is soon on the roads.

But other motorists have been more sceptical of the design, some suggesting it could be difficult to overtake and too heavy for some roads.

One driver at a petrol station in Lincolnshire said: "I think it's a terrible idea - lorries are long enough as they are."

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09 Jun 05 |  Lincolnshire

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