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Last Updated: Wednesday, 2 February, 2005, 06:41 GMT
Rogues gallery cleans up litter
Litter louts have become a thing of the past in a Lincolnshire town thanks to a crackdown, say council officials.

For the past six months Boston Borough Council has been printing CCTV images of culprits in a local paper and asking the public to name them.

The authorities say it is now almost impossible for anyone to get away with dropping litter in the town centre.

Andy Statham, from the council, said he hopes other areas can learn from what they have done.

It comes as the Tidy Britain Group claims litter louts are spoiling progress in the battle to make England cleaner.

Members of the public can also fill out incident cards if they see someone dropping rubbish and those convicted of littering face a 50 fine.

Rogues gallery names litter louts
04 Sep 04 |  Lincolnshire

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