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Last Updated: Friday, 21 January, 2005, 16:21 GMT
Workers share record 14.4m lotto
They won nearly 15m but all are working to help out the boss
A group of factory workers won a record-breaking 14.4m on the National Lottery - and all turned up for work the next day.

The 25 colleagues at a factory in Horncastle, Lincolnshire scooped the rollover win on Wednesday's Lotto draw.

But they pledged to finish an important order for Gymphlex Sportswear, where they make up a third of the workforce, and all clocked-on on Thursday.

Each syndicate member won 577,858 with numbers 15, 24, 28, 33, 34 and 47.

It is the biggest lottery win for a syndicate.

We expect a row of gleaming Rolls-Royces in the car park on Monday morning
James Greenlees, managing director

The machinists and other staff said they could not leave father and son company bosses George and James Greenlees in the lurch.

The Lucky Dip winning ticket was bought at a new Tesco store in Skegness, Lincs.

The syndicate has been playing the lottery for three years but only buys tickets for rollover draws.

Garment finisher Leslie Fountain, 57, who has worked at the firm for 22 years, said: "I was given this job when I had nothing and wouldn't leave Gymphlex in the lurch.

"The money will still come in handy but Mr George has been a good boss and I wouldn't want to let him down."

Managing director James Greenlees said: "It couldn't happen to a more hard-working and diligent group and we wish them all the best.

"We expect a row of gleaming Rolls-Royces in the car park on Monday morning."

Lotto winner has not claimed 5m
20 Jan 05 |  Derbyshire

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