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Last Updated: Wednesday, 15 December, 2004, 11:19 GMT
Hall restoration project finished
Aycoughfee Hall
The hall was built in the 14th Century
The restoration of a medieval hall in Lincolnshire has been completed.

The 14th Century Ayscoughfee Hall in Spalding is being handed back to South Holland District Council after a year of repair work.

Curator Richard Davies said they can now work on the displays and collections after extensive plastering and rewiring of the building.

Specialist renovator Brian Butler said they had to be careful working around old wiring and unsafe bits of ceiling.

Medieval floor

"You have to take care when you find a nail and don't just yank it out as you could pull the whole wall down," he said.

"They even found an old medieval floor when they lifted the floorboards in one of the rooms downstairs.

"It is like a trip back in time."

The hall was originally built as a home for local wool merchant Richard Alwyn.

It was purchased by the council in the early 20th Century and since then has served as a library, school, council offices and museum.

Mr Davies said: "The roof is fantastic and although it did need some work to stabilise it, the fact that it lasted from the 1450s is testimony to the standard of the work.

"We will spend most of next year on the displays and collection - and we hope to open by late summer."

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