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Hare courser 'run down by farmer'
Hare coursing
The two men set out from Manchester with their dogs
An illegal hare courser was left with broken bones when a farmer deliberately ran him down, a jury was told.

John Hoyle damaged vertebrae and his shoulder after he was knocked over by Simon Maplethorpe, it is alleged.

Lincoln Crown Court heard how Mr Maplethorpe, 30, claimed the incident on his land at North Kyme Fen, near Sleaford, was simply an accident.

Mr Hoyle has admitted he and friend, Michael Heath, both from the Manchester area, were trespassing.

Smashed windscreen

They had set off from their homes at 0500 GMT on 17 December 2003 with their lurcher dogs, intending to hunt hares, but then had to wait almost four hours for overnight frost to clear.

Mr Hoyle told the court he climbed out of his car and saw a red car racing towards him with such speed that he had no chance of avoiding it.

He said he was thrown straight on the windscreen, which caved in, and Maplethorpe then shouted abuse at him and ordered him off his land.

Craig Lowe, prosecuting, said he could not say exactly what Maplethorpe's intentions had been - but added that the incident was "certainly no accident".

Mr Maplethorpe, of Main Street, North Kyme, denies inflicting grievous bodily harm to Mr Hoyle.

The trial continues.

Hare coursing crackdown 'working'
06 Oct 04 |  Lincolnshire

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