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Last Updated: Monday, 25 October, 2004, 18:05 GMT 19:05 UK
Shot thief jailed for seven years
A burglar who was shot by a farmer was jailed for seven years after the judge said he was "an absolute menace".

Derby Crown Court heard how John Rae, 22, targeted farmer Kenneth Faulkner's isolated home three times before the pensioner hit back.

Mr Faulkner, 73, will not be prosecuted despite firing a shotgun at Rae, leaving him with a leg wound.

A judge who sentenced Rae for break-ins said Mr Faulkner "could not be criticised" and was defending his home.

Rae was shot when he returned to steal from Mr Faulkner's home at Keys Farm, Ockbrook, Derbyshire, for the third time in days.

'Legitimate defence'

During the first raid, in July 2003, he and two other men broke into a gun cabinet and took five shotguns, a longbow, arrows, a crossbow and bolts.

Rae alone then returned early in August, when he took a mechanical digger from Mr Faulkner's garage. He then went back the next day.

Mr Faulkner armed himself with a shotgun, went to investigate and fired at Rae in a bid to frighten him away - but ended up shooting him in the leg.

The Crown Prosecution Service later ruled no charges should be brought after deciding he had been acting "in legitimate defence" of his property.

'Absolute menace'

Rae, of Stanton-by-Dale, Derbyshire, admitted three offences of burglary and one of burglary with intent at the farm as a result of his three raids.

He also pleaded guilty to three burglaries at industrial units in Ilkeston, and offences of theft and handling, all in June 2003.

He also admitted the theft of a car and burglary of a farm in Oakham, Rutland, between July and August and asked for 16 similar offences to be considered.

Passing sentence, Judge Andrew Hamilton said he was "an absolute menace" and it was right that Mr Faulkner was not prosecuted over the incident.

Farmer not charged over shooting
02 Sep 04  |  Derbyshire


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