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Last Updated: Thursday, 15 July, 2004, 15:48 GMT 16:48 UK
Lifeboat crew win bravery medals
Left to right: Shaun Sonley; Tony Salters; Ian Sanderson and Gary Barlow
The four crew members all received awards
Four lifeboat crew have won bravery awards for rescuing two fishermen during a fierce storm in the Humber estuary.

Helmsman Gary Barlow of Cleethorpes lifeboat station won an RNLI silver medal for gallantry - given only for exceptional acts of courage and seamanship.

Three other crew members from Cleethorpes were given bronze medals.

The men were rescued from a trawler after its net got stuck in a propeller.

The rescue took place in a force 8 wind with heavy snow showers and reduced visibility on 26 February.

Mr Barlow managed to pass a towrope to the trawler Dollard in freezing conditions in 4m waves.

Crewmen Ian Sanderson and Tony Salters and Helmsman Shaun Sonley were given silver awards at a ceremony on Thursday along with Mr Barlow.

RNLI spokesman Michael Vlasto, said: "Helmsman Barlow demonstrated exemplary seamanship and boat-handling skills.

"He worked his lifeboat tirelessly to ensure the safety of his crew and demonstrated a cool head at all times."

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