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Last Updated: Sunday, 20 June, 2004, 15:01 GMT 16:01 UK
Students miss exam in date muddle
The examination was held several days earlier than expected
There have been further claims surrounding a GCSE exam mix-up at a Lincolnshire school.

Branston Community College has apologised to students because of the short notice they were given for their leisure and tourism exam.

Some pupils were given as little as 10 minutes to get there because of confusion over the date.

However, it has now emerged that some students were not notified at all and missed the exam altogether.

Special consideration

Anthony Lilley, whose son Matthew was affected, thinks the school has acted poorly.

He said: "They said this change of date was displayed on the website but some children would have had no reason to look on the web, especially for this sort of thing.

"What they should have done is notified everyone by letter.

"They must have known well before the day of the exam it was changed and a letter to everyone would have been the simplest thing."

Branston Community College has said it got the date from the exam board's website, but later discovered it had been changed.

It says it then put the amendment on the school's website.

The school is pressing the exam board AQA for special consideration.

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