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Last Updated: Wednesday, 26 May, 2004, 15:16 GMT 16:16 UK
TV star's mother spared jail term
Kelly Adams
Kelly Adams attended an earlier hearing to support her mother
The mother of a TV actress has walked free from court after admitting trying to kill her own mother.

Sheila Brimblecombe - whose daughter Kelly Adams plays maternity nurse Mickie Hendry in Holby City - tried to suffocate Joan Baker, 80.

Brimblecombe, 51, held a pillow over Mrs Baker's face and was said to have shouted: "Die, damn you, die."

The judge spared her a prison sentence because she was suffering depression and Mrs Baker did not want her jailed.

Brimblecombe could have been given a life sentence after pleading guilty to attempted murder as a result of the attack last December.

Stop it - you'll be done for murder
Joan Baker

Lincoln Crown Court was told Mrs Baker lived alone in the village of Waddington, near Lincoln, and relied on her daughter to take her on shopping trips and pick up her pension.

Just weeks before the attack, Brimblecombe had been left "deeply shocked and greatly hurt" when her second husband, Colin, left her.

She never told her mother of the end of the relationship and finally cracked under the strain on the night of 6 December.

Recognised voice

Mrs Baker went to bed as normal after setting her security alarm, but Brimblecombe, who knew the alarm code, entered the house and tried to kill her.

Mrs Baker, who still could not see her daughter but recognised her voice, responded by saying: "Stop it - you'll be done for murder."

Brimblecombe, also of Waddington, originally claimed she had simply found her mother lying on the floor, but later admitted attempted murder.

She was told she would not be jailed after the court heard her mother still loved her and believed she had "lost her mind" during the attack.

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