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Last Updated: Wednesday, 19 May, 2004, 16:32 GMT 17:32 UK
Shot osprey is cause for concern
A rare bird of prey shot down over Lincolnshire is having physiotherapy to try to save its shattered leg.

The adult female osprey was found badly injured in North Scarle near Lincoln on Monday and underwent emergency surgery to remove pellets from its limb.

Lincolnshire Police are investigating the incident.

The bird is being treated at the Weirfield Wildlife Centre in Lincoln, where staff say the animal's ability to survive in the wild is in the balance.

Hunting technique

Neil State from the centre explained they are doing everything to save its leg.

He said: "They need to get the leg exercising, to get the claw moving.

"It is a fish eating bird so it uses its feet to catch the prey out of the water and then to fly off and to eat it.

"So it definitely needs its legs to be healthy to live in the wild."

The shooting came just days after an armed man was chased away from nesting peregrines in the Peak District.

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