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Last Updated: Thursday, 12 August, 2004, 07:31 GMT 08:31 UK
Rain postpones flood siren test
The annual testing of Lincolnshire's flood sirens has been postponed due to heavy rainfall.

The county's Civil Protection Unit has taken the decision to prevent alarming people unnecessarily.

There are concerns residents who hear the sirens might think they are in real danger due to the recent bad weather.

The 46 coastline and inland flood sirens will now be activated remotely by engineers based in Lincoln in one week's time.

Ian Reed from Lincolnshire's Civil Protection Unit said: "We've still got quite a few flood watches in place in the county.

"We know there are still problems in the Gainsborough area.

'Confusion and fear'

"There's more bad weather on the way, with severe weather warnings issued yesterday (Wednesday) afternoon.

"We don't want to test the alarms while there is still a real risk of flooding.

"So, we took the decision to call off the testing because it could be confusing and may frighten people as well."

Many of the sirens are concentrated on a stretch of coastline running from North Somercotes to Sutton Bridge.

There are six located at inland sites which have been subject to flooding in the past.

They can be sounded en-masse or individually.

The sirens are sounded on receipt of a Severe Flood Warning for that area from the Environment Agency.

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