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'Hedge row' inquest opens
Webster Close in Lincoln
The shooting happened on Webster Close in Lincoln
An inquest into the deaths of two men who died following a dispute over a hedge opened in Lincoln on Monday.

George Wilson, 66, was shot dead by his next-door neighbour in an alleged row about a tiny privet hedge which separated their two gardens.

Robert Dickenson, 52, was charged with murder after the incident in June 2003, but was later found hanging in his cell at Lincoln Prison.

Lincolnshire coroner Roger Atkinson said: "George Wilson lived at 16 Webster Close and Robert Dickenson lived next door at number 18.

"They had a neighbour dispute which apparently had lasted for sometime.

"Mr Dickenson went into his house and got hold of a pistol and shot Mr Wilson dead," the coroner said.

Mr Dickenson was arrested and later found hanging in his cell at Lincoln Prison in the early hours of 20 June, he added.

Mr Dickenson had also accused Mr Wilson of being a paedophile but Detective Inspector Peter Bray told the inquest that there was no evidence whatsoever of any abuse by Mr Wilson on children.

The hearing, which is being held in front of a jury, is expected to last four days.

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