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Last Updated: Friday, 21 November, 2003, 19:43 GMT
Istanbul blast fiancée still alive
Graham Carter at the Taksim Hospital in Istanbul
Graham Carter is being treated for eye injuries
The fiancée of a Briton caught up in the Istanbul suicide bombings who was thought to have been killed in front of him is alive and in hospital.

Graham Carter, who was pictured moments after the attack staggering bloodstained and blinded through the wreckage of the British consulate, believed Hulya Donmez had died when the bomb went off.

It is now understood that she is in hospital but in an extremely critical condition.

Mr Carter, from Lincolnshire, is being treated in Istanbul's American Hospital for injuries to his eyes but is said to be in a stable condition.

Speeding lorry

Mr Carter, 34, had travelled with Turkish-born Miss Donmez to the consulate in Istanbul on Thursday morning to obtain a visa so they could marry in Britain.

It is not only us suffering a personal loss, but there are so many other families like us that are grieving
Victoria Short, consul general's widow

The couple, who are thought to have been together for four years, had just passed security checks when the bomb exploded, killing 27 people, including the Consul General Roger Short.

Mr Carter told the Sun newspaper: "I was at the consulate gatehouse when I saw this lorry speed through the gates. She was gone right in front of me."

Mr Carter spoke to the newspaper as he waited for eye surgery at Istanbul's American Hospital.

He was still able to see and Mr Carter wanted to reassure his mother that he was all right.

He is a director of a Grantham based company Horti com.

It is understood the couple planned to marry early next year.

A Scottish woman, Nanette Elizabeth Clarke, 41, from Drongan in Ayrshire, was among the victims of the terror blasts.

She worked at the British consulate and leaves behind three grown-up children from a previous marriage.

Meanwhile, a firebomb was thrown at the British Embassy in Tehran this afternoon.

The device was hurled from a car at the back gate of the Embassy's compound in the Iranian capital.

"There was no damage and no one was injured," a Foreign Office spokeswoman said.

The BBC's Ben Brown
"She survived the explosion but it left her with severe head and chest injuries"


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