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Last Updated: Wednesday, 27 August, 2003, 17:17 GMT 18:17 UK
White false limb 'unfair'
Byron Frazer
Byron Fraser's leg was amputated after a car crash.
A Lincolnshire man who has an artificial limb says the recent case of a black woman being offered a white artificial foot is unfair.

Byron Frazer from Billingborough near Sleaford is also black and was given a white limb after losing his leg in a car crash.

Ingrid Nichols from Reading, revealed how she was only offered a white artificial limb and was told she would have to pay to get one the right colour.

Hospital bosses eventually backed down after she complained.

Matching colour

Mr Fraser said he was not too bothered initially by being offered a white limb.

"It really didn't register, because I'd broken my neck and my other leg was badly damaged - I had a lot to cope with."

But he said he was annoyed when he was subsequently given an artificial limb for swimming which consisted of a dark brown shin with a white foot.

Mr Fraser said: "From the time that they measure your leg to the making of it, it shouldn't be a question of black, white, whatever, they should have the matching leg for your skin colour."

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