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Last Updated: Wednesday, 20 August, 2003, 10:47 GMT 11:47 UK
Ancient building on the move
Pescod Hall
The hall is destined to become a shop
A major engineering project has moved part of Boston's history.

The 15th Century Pescod Hall is in the process of being transported to a new location, 20 metres away.

Work to move the hall, a Grade II listed building and former merchant's house, started on Tuesday.

It has been lifted onto two computer-operated trailers and moved across a precinct in advance of the area being developed.

Supporting frame

The most delicate part of the operation came when the building was slowly lowered onto its new foundations between the Oldrids extension and a proposed modern glazed café.

It looks a bit like a giant carousel
Site Manager Neil Bannerman
The work is part of the £20m project to build the Pescod Square shopping complex.

The building is being moved to fit in with the design of the new square.

This method was chosen because it minimises the risk of any damage to the building.

Site Manager Neil Bannerman said: "Within the building you construct a structure which in itself weight about 70 tonnes.

Swung round

"This is built off the ground and the structure of the building is connected to it.

"We then break the building off its foundations and, over a number of days, jack it up."

Specialist engineers have been keeping an eye on the building's delicate fabric and have reported no problems.

The hall does not just have to be moved, but also rotated 180 degrees.

Interior renovated

Mr Bannerman said: "The two trailers the building is now sat on have wheels which can turn 360 degrees.

"It looks a bit like a giant carousel."

The hall is expected to be lowered into position by Wednesday afternoon.

After this the internal supports will be slowly removed and the interior renovated before it becomes a shop.

Concrete steeped in history
07 Aug 03  |  Magazine

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