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Last Updated: Monday, 15 September, 2003, 13:03 GMT 14:03 UK
Lifeboat one of country's busiest
Skegness lifeboat station had the highest number of call-outs in the northern region, according to the RNLI.

The main lifeboat and the inshore craft were launched 49 times this summer.

The northern region covers a massive area north of Skegness to the Scottish borders and round to west coast resorts like Blackpool.

Nationally, the number of call-outs is up 13%.

'Serious trouble'

Operations director for the RNLI, Michael Vlasto said: "One obvious explanation for the higher figures this year could be that record temperatures have encouraged more people to take to the water or visit the coast.

"This results in an increase in the number of people needing our help."

Peter Newsome, operations manager for the Skegness Lifeboat, agreed the hot weather has made a difference and emphasised that inflatables are still a problem.

He said: "Certainly the offshore boat, the Lincolnshire Poacher has had a quiet year before then and the majority of callouts have been to that type of incident.

"People, probably from inland, who are not aware of the dangers go out on these inflatable toys and get themselves into serious trouble."

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