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Last Updated: Monday, 15 September, 2003, 10:03 GMT 11:03 UK
Students 'taking over city'
Students say they are no more trouble than local residents
A residents group in Lincoln has claimed University students are taking over the city.

There are record numbers at Lincoln University this year but members of the West End Residents Association say they are fed up with the increasing amount of noise and litter.

One resident claimed Lincoln is turning into a "student city".

They want to see tighter controls over landlords who buy up properties in the area to let to students.

The group says it is not individuals who are the problem, but the impact of the swelling numbers of students living in their community.

Valuable income

Eileen Morgan from the association said: "It is the noise which is horrendous when they are coming back from night clubs and the rubbish that comes with them - bottles, cans and takeaways which litter the street."

Ms Morgan said the lifestyles of the community, especially the elderly or those who had to get up early to work, were disrupted by the students.

Even businesses, especially guesthouses and small hotels, were also affected.

She added: "It is a landlord problem. The students can only go where there is student accommodation.

"It is a planning problem, we are oversubscribed. The community is becoming a student city and we want the community to be what is was."

A spokesman for the student union said that many local people created just as much noise and the city needed the income that students brought.

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