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Last Updated: Wednesday, 23 July, 2003, 13:01 GMT 14:01 UK
Beetroot 'spices up sex life'
Farmer Moore believes beetroot was used as an aphrodisiac
A Lincolnshire farmer says beetroot is good for your sex life.

Chris Moore, 43, who has been growing the vegetable for 12 years in Scunthorpe, says it contains high levels of the mineral boron, thought to influence the production of human sex hormones.

He also says it can improve brain function and stop people becoming ill.

Mr Moore made the claim as he and his brother David celebrated being awarded a 126,000 grant by Defra.

Ancient aphrodisiac

Mr Moore said his curiosity was sparked on holiday in Pompeii, Italy, last year.

"Me and my wife were wandering around, and on the wall of an ancient brothel, I made out a picture of a beetroot," he said.

His subsequent investigations revealed ancient civilizations may have regarded the vegetable as having aphrodisiac properties.

But Mr Moore, voted the Sexiest Farmer in the North of England by the National Farmers' Union three years ago, insisted his findings are not aimed at selling his produce.

"I do grow a bit of beetroot, but I can sell it without this I can assure you," he said.

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