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Surgeons positive after brain op

Alex Barnes
Alex Barnes is recovering well from his operation

Doctors in America have said the first stage of potentially life-saving cancer surgery on a four-year-old Leicestershire boy has gone well.

Alex Barnes, from Fleckney, underwent a six-hour operation overnight in Florida to remove a rare brain tumour.

Surgeons said they successfully managed to remove the pea-sized tumour from Alex's brain.

He will now have to undergo weeks of innovative proton therapy - an advanced form of radiotherapy.

The operation was performed at the Wolfson Children's Hospital in Jacksonville and a number of other hospitals will also be involved in Alex's care.

I was very scared the surgeon was going to tell me that it had's all good news so far, thank God.
Ros Barnes, Alex's mother

Alex's mother Ros has been at his bedside.

She said: "I think he's okay...he's just starting to come round. I think he can see which is one of the things I was worried about and he's moving his legs.

"It took six hours and a whole team of surgeons to do it but he's looking quite good.

"The surgeon told me he couldn't see any other signs of cancer, so that was really good.

"I was very scared that he was going to tell me that it had's all good news so far, thank God."

Oncologist Eric Sandler from the Nemours Children's Clinic said Alex will probably start the next phase of his specialist treatment next week.

He said: "Proton therapy is a radiation programme where he will get radiation treatment on a daily basis for 4-6 weeks.

"The risks of this tumour coming back are fairly high and with the radiation therapy the goal is to eradicate any residual cells that are still there."


A four-year-old Leicestershire boy undergoes surgery to remove a tumour from his brain.

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