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New crackdown on speeding bikers

Police officer
The mobile unit can catch speeding vehicles from different angles

Police in Leicestershire and Rutland have unveiled a new weapon to catch speeding motorists.

They have equipped one of their vans with the latest technology which includes three cameras.

Officers said they will use it to target speeding bikers who have been difficult to prosecute before. It means rear number plates can now be filmed.

The extra cameras will make it easier to catch a speeding vehicle from every angle as it passes the mobile van.

'Easily processed'

Hema Lad of the Road Safety Camera Scheme said: "Bikers are pretty much aware that when we enforce we enforce straight on. So they'll actually just speed past our van sometimes knowing full well that we can't identify them."

Last year more than 300 people were injured on roads across Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.

Speed enforcement officer Clive Surrell said: "In the last few weeks I've caught about half a dozen motorcycles using this technology.

"In the past when the bike came past we had to read the number plate with our eyes as they went past, which was a bit hit-and-miss.

"But with this technology it's all down on DVD and can easily be processed from what comes on."


Safety cameras have proved ineffective.

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