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Test flights for Cold War bomber

Vulcan Bomber
The Vulcan Bomber will carry out several test flights

A restored Cold War bomber is undergoing further test flights over the East Midlands this week.

The Vulcan aircraft needs a permit from the Civil Aviation Authority if it is to be allowed to appear at a series of air shows this summer.

It flew from a Leicestershire airfield for testing before landing at RAF Coningsby in Lincolnshire on Tuesday.

A previous test flight was marred by a false alarm fire alert that forced the plane to land early.

Compass adjustment

A second test flight also had to end early after the pilot reported a problem with the landing gear door.

Pilot Martin Withers told the BBC that a door was open when it should not have been.

Project manager Andrew Edmondson said the faults on the aircraft were teething problems.

"More tests will take place at Coningsby before we return to Bruntingthorpe," he said.

The Vulcan is expected to stay at the Lincolnshire air base for the rest of the week.

Spokeswoman Rusty Drewitt, from the Vulcan to the Sky Project, said: "She is going to take off from Bruntingthorpe for an hour of avionics testing and then land at RAF Coningsby to do a compass swing."

A compass swing involves tests to verify the plane's compass is working properly.

Major sponsor

A last-minute appeal for qualified airfield firefighters to help out for the day has resulted in four volunteers coming forward.

Organisers hope the bomber will fly in about 18 air shows over the summer - which will cost about 1m - but say a major sponsor still needs to be found to ensure it has enough money to continue flying.

Some 20,000 people worldwide have helped contribute to the restoration of the bomber - with 2.7m contributed by the Heritage Lottery Fund.

The plane last flew operationally 15 years ago after being used for years as a deterrent in the Cold War.


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