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Last Updated: Monday, 18 February 2008, 15:13 GMT
Hundreds of knife-wielders caught
Seized weapons
The cautions were handed out to more than 200 people
More than 200 people have been cautioned for carrying knives in the East Midlands in the last year.

The figures, released under the Freedom of Information Act, reveal 101 cautions or reprimands for possession of knives in Nottinghamshire in 2007.

There were 42 cautions in Derbyshire, including five for knives which were found in schools, and in Leicestershire 46 people were cautioned about knives.

A caution is put on police record, but no further court action is taken.

There were 30 police warnings for carrying knives in Lincolnshire.

Knife crime

In some cases the individual may have been cautioned for the offence but prosecuted for a more serious one.

The figures were revealed as the government announced a crackdown on violent crime.

It plans to make police prosecute people who carry knives.

Knife cautions - 2007
Nottinghamshire - 101
Leicestershire - 46
Derbyshire - 42
Lincolnshire - 30
East Midlands total: 219

The plans revealed by Home Secretary Jacqui Smith on Monday include new measures to fight guns, gangs, binge drinking and rape - and also will include tougher sentences imposed for knife crime.

The Tackling Violence Action Plan also aims to identify and "manage" those likely to become violent criminals.

In Nottinghamshire, there were 11 cases where people used knives and were cautioned for wounding offences but not prosecuted.

In Derbyshire, there were also 16 cautions for carrying a loaded firearm, which could include an air weapon, in public.

There was a total of 162 prosecutions for possession of knives in Leicestershire last year, but in 46 cases people were given cautions.

There were four cases in Leicestershire in 2007 where people used knives for wounding offences - and were cautioned rather than prosecuted.

Some knives were found in schools

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