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Police widows in pension battle
Allison Munn
Allison Munn hopes the government will have a change of heart
The widow of a policeman killed on duty is to delay marrying her new partner in the hope the government change their mind on the rules on pension pay-outs.

Leicestershire Pcs Bryan Moore and Andy Munn were killed on duty on the A42 in August 2002.

Mr Munn's widow Allison has been told if she remarries she will lose her widow's pension.

The law has now been changed, but it is not retrospective, so Mrs Munn still stands to lose out.

Both dead policemen had paid 11% of their salaries into their pensions over many years.

'Victims again'

At the moment, their widows do not stand to benefit from a change in the law in April 2006, which stipulated that should an officer die in service now, his or her family will get the pension for life.

Pc Moore's widow Sarah said: "Had they died after 2006 we wouldn't be faced with this decision, we'd get the pension for life no matter what happened. And we're just being made victims again."

Pcs Bryan Moore and Andrew Munn
Pcs Bryan Moore and Andrew Munn died on duty on the A42 in 2002

Allison Munn added: "It's Andy's legacy really, that he continues to look after me and our children, even after he's dies. And if that's taken away, that option's gone. That security that he provided for us has gone."

North West Leicestershire MP David Taylor was due to discuss the case with minister for police and security Tony McNulty on Monday.

Mr Taylor said: "It's rarely the case in other professions that people put their lives on the line in the way that police officers do and if they're killed in the line of duty that their widows and their dependants should get the very best treatment that the nation can afford."

The government said it sympathised and hoped to reach a decision soon.

In a statement the Home Office said making the decision to change the pension rules would have serious implications across the whole of the public sector.

Allison Munn has delayed her wedding

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