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Last Updated: Tuesday, 18 September 2007, 07:48 GMT 08:48 UK
Temporary mosque causes concerns
Muslims in Leicester who use a temporary mosque say they will not have anywhere to pray if city councillors close it down.

The Northfields Education Centre on Essex Road was given permission to operate as a mosque for 12 months.

Some local residents have complained about the effect on parking and noise in the area.

The council has received two petitions, one for, one against the planning application, both with about 230 names.

Early prayers

Mohammed Raidan, who attends the mosque every day, said the people who used the mosque did not disturb anyone.

"We come here for five or ten minutes and say our prayers and then leave. We are parking on the side streets," he said.

Local resident Lauren told BBC News she was not opposed to the mosque in principle but finds it has increased traffic in the area.

"Some people arrive for prayers at four o'oclock in the morning. It was waking me up and I wasn't too pleased about it."

Planning officers have recommended the application to extend the planning permission be rejected.

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