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Asylum seekers seek Iraq return
Asylum seekers in the East Midlands are volunteering to return to some of the most dangerous parts of Iraq.

People who come to escape the violence do not get refugee status. This means they cannot claim benefits and are not allowed to work in the UK.

Some stay illegally but many others are asking refugee groups to help them get flights back.

The ones wanting to return believe their lives are still in danger when they get to the country.

Here you don't expect to be killed, but in Iraq you expect to be killed every second
Hashim, asylum seeker

Childhood friends Soran and Hashim fled Iraq and have lived in Leicester for around four years.

Soran was given British citizenship because he was deemed to be in danger from Saddam Hussein's regime, but by the time Hashim applied Iraq had a new government and his claim was turned down.

Unable to work or claim benefit, he has asked for a ticket home.

He said: "Here you don't expect to be killed, but in Iraq you expect to be killed every second. I expect to be killed, be kidnapped.

"When they know someone's returned from England, they think that person's coming back with lots of money, so that's another risk of being kidnapped."

Aidan Hallett of Refugee Action said asylum seekers returning to Iraq had no protection against possible danger.

He said: "The reality is of course that, simply because you haven't proved that you're entitled to protection under the Refugee Convention, it doesn't actually mean that you're not in danger."

Failed asylum seeker says he expects to be kidnapped when he returns

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