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Last Updated: Friday, 15 June 2007, 15:18 GMT 16:18 UK
Children's cancer ward gets chef
Hospital managers in Leicester are to introduce a specialist chef on a children's cancer ward after parents complained about the standard of food.

Relatives said the Royal Infirmary food was "appalling and "inedible".

Hospital chief executive Dr Peter Reading said the parents were right, although a lot of work had been done over the past year to improve the food.

James Mansell, grandfather of a cancer patient, said he was "very pleased indeed" that a chef would be appointed.

'Positive' outcome

After a meeting with parents, Dr Reading said: "We've changed the menus and we've had advice from one of the most senior children's dieticians in the country.

"We've got a wider range of choices, it's much healthier food, we've reintroduced salads and so on."

Mr Mansell said: "It's something very positive to come out of today.

"It's music to my ears for him to say about having a chef. This is exactly what we wanted.

"If the executive is prepared to get us a chef for the ward, then I'm prepared to do sponsored walks to raise money for equipment for a new kitchen."

Hospital Chief Executive tallks about the decision

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