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Village gets hump with road bumps
People living in a Leicestershire village are calling for speed humps to be removed from their roads.

Twenty four road humps were put up in the centre of Kibworth after calls for traffic calming measures.

Residents say people with back problems are unable to use the humps because they are too high - and cars parking on the ramps are causing hazards.

Councillor Kevin Feltham from Leicestershire County Council said the authority would look at the problems.

'No-go areas'

Parish Councillor Eileen Roeber said villagers did want traffic calming measures put in place but the humps were not the right solution.

"The so-called blister bumps are very big and we now have people who have classic cars, have had spinal operations, arthritis, who are saying that certain areas of Kibworth are completely no-go areas for them.

"People are parking on the speed humps themselves, which means the cyclists have to go right into the middle of the road and they are feeling very vulnerable and unprotected."

But Councillor Faltham said the humps have slowed traffic down from speeds of around 46 to 20 mph (74 to 32km).

"For years, people have been calling for something to calm the traffic in the village and to improve life for pedestrians and this was what was agreed with the parish council.

"There's a lot of things we need to look at ... and we need something to fix the problems."

Representatives from the parish, district and county councils will meet to discuss the issue on Wednesday.

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